Fire and Ice by Tamsen Parker


Three out of Five Stars

This is book four of the Snow and Ice Games Series

Summary:  Blaze Bellamy is the bad girl of the short track speed skating world. Looking like a roller derby bruiser when she’s not in her Team USA uniform, she’s an unlikely American heroine. She’s got a punk attitude to match her provocative dress and her dyed hair, and she’s determined to get onto the front pages of the papers regardless of how she has to do it.

Maisy Harper is the workhorse of the Canadian women’s figure skating team. Serious, modest, and above all, polite, Maisy would prefer to win her victory on the ice rather than in the press, and is exasperated by Blaze’s antics. When she’s not lusting after her anyway. After they both failed to make the medal podium at the last Snow and Ice Games, they drowned themselves in gin—and each other.

Despite their hookup being drunken, they both harbor fond memories of their night together and are keen for a repeat. But they’ve got different ways of going about getting what they want, and Blaze’s willingness to go to any lengths for the spotlight could ruin any chance she has with Maisy.


The Review

Okay, first things first I was super excited to get approved for an ARC of this book. I was all about it. It was posted as a romance and the summary sounded really great. I will fully admit that I have never read anything by Tamsen Parker or in this series so I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. I was going in blind.

This is not a romance. This is pure erotica. So if that’s your thing? GET IT, GIRL!

I was expecting a sweeping story line, sexy scenes, and all the things you get with a romance book. As soon as I started the first chapter, I knew the majority of what I was going to read was sex and I was okay with that, (I consider it research, the little weirdo I am) and kept on reading.

Maisy was very dominant in this and I got the feeling that if Blaze wouldn’t have been down with what Maisy demanded, then that would have been it. No more sex and Maisy would have moved on her merry way.

There were scenes that I was like, what. the. fuck. People do that? I had never read a fisting scene. In all the books I’ve read, M/M, F/M, F/F, this was a first for me. I expected a lot of prep, a lot of foreplay, and a super long drawn out scene. Nope. The face riding scenes? I’m not a fan of. I mean, I know people are into that. I’m not. Simple as that.

What I did appreciate was the fact that toys were written into some of the scenes. Sex isn’t just fingers, tongues and kissing.  Those scenes involving the use of toys were freaking hot. It left me a little breathless. I was all about those scenes.

I feel like the little bit of plot that was included was an after thought. “Oh, this is more than three weeks of sex between two women. I should fix that.” There was an over use of some terminology but that is literally me nitpicking, not a big deal. Most people probably wouldn’t notice it.

All in all, it was an okay read. I definitely would have labeled this as EROTICA not romance. So if you like erotica, this is for you. If you like a lot of plot with your sex, probably not for you.

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