Slammed by Lola Keeley

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Four out of Five Stars

The Summary:

World No. 1 tennis star Elin Larsson is in hot pursuit of a record number of Grand Slam titles. But between pressing injuries and growing anxiety, it’s starting to feel like her heart isn’t in it.
Gorgeous rival player Toni Cortes Ruiz bursts onto the scene, chasing her first slam.
As their paths keep crossing in big matches, a growing attraction starts to burn between the competitive women.
Elin’s used to winning—but not when the woman she’s falling for is on the other side of the net.
As scandals, the media, and the world starts closing in on them, Elin and Toni need to decide whether they’re competitors or on the same side.
A sparkling lesbian tennis tale about rivals and romance and putting everything on the line.

The Review

Slammed by Lola Keeley was such a fun read. I was unsure that I would enjoy it because I know absolutely nothing about tennis, but while I was reading I felt like it was a sport that I had grown up with. It was easy to get lost in and I connected with Elin and Toni from start to finish.

Elin is at the top of her game, nursing an injury, and working to break a record. Toni has just come back to the sport after rehabbing a injury and is slowly working her way up the standings. Elin finds herself attracted to Toni, but it is a slow burn between them. The best kind of romance. Now I will say, tennis was the main focus here. The romance was secondary, but there were scenes filled with chemistry, flirtation, and intimacy between Elin and Toni. They were so sweet and supportive of each other (I do this happy little sigh when I think of them).

While Elin is pursuing her ultimate goal, there was more to this story than playing tennis and finding love. Elin makes a move to do the right thing when she sees inequality in the tennis world she takes a stand. It made me proud that a woman of her stature wouldn’t ignore what was happening to her colleagues. It’s how we should all strive to be.

I love sports romances, and finding a new sport and author to read was awesome. Even if you don’t know anything about tennis (like me), give this one a read. This book is one that I’ll probably end up rereading because that’s how much I enjoyed it.

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Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid


Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: Nothing interferes with Shane Hollander’s game—definitely not the sexy rival he loves to hate.

Pro hockey star Shane Hollander isn’t just crazy talented, he’s got a spotless reputation. Hockey is his life. Now that he’s captain of the Montreal Voyageurs, he won’t let anything jeopardize that, especially the sexy Russian whose hard body keeps him awake at night.

Boston Bears captain Ilya Rozanov is everything Shane’s not. The self-proclaimed king of the ice, he’s as cocky as he is talented. No one can beat him—except Shane. They’ve made a career on their legendary rivalry, but when the skates come off, the heat between them is undeniable. When Ilya realizes he wants more than a few secret hookups, he knows he must walk away. The risk is too great.

As their attraction intensifies, they struggle to keep their relationship out of the public eye. If the truth comes out, it could ruin them both. But when their need for each other rivals their ambition on the ice, secrecy is no longer an option…

The Review

HOLY SMOKES YA’LL! I ate this book up in one sitting! That’s how much I liked this book.

Shane Hollander and Ilya Rozanov have always been pitted against each other, from when they met in juniors and into their professional careers. What no one knows is how wrong the rest of hockey world is. They’ve been seeing each other secretly since their draft. My favorite part of this book? We get the entire journey! Seriously, from the first time they hooked up and all the way through the current season and them acknowledging that perhaps there is more to their love/hate relationship.

There had always been a boundary that Shane refused to let Ilya cross, entrance into his bedroom. They would always end up everywhere else but in Shane’s bed. Once that changed, I knew it was going to be amazing. I was not let down. At all.

There was something about how cocky Ilya was and how down to earth Shane was that just worked well together. They balanced each other out while at the same time they pushed each other to be more. They did not let their romance get in the way of how they played on ice. I feel like it made them play harder, to prove who was the better hockey player.

Now, there is a lot of sex in this book. Normally that’s not my thing. But for this, it worked. As their relationship grew, how they were with each other changed as well. Their sexual relationship evolved with them and it wasn’t the same thing every scene.

Then the ending… *sigh* They schemed together to figure out a way to be able to spend more time with each other during the hockey season. Then they found a way to portray the change in the rivalry. I was so happy with the way this turned out. I still want more of Ilya and Shane!

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A Dance for You by Collette Davison


Four out of Five Stars!

The Summary: New job, new city: Mason hopes both will lead to him escaping burnout as a ballet dancer. Not living out of a suitcase anymore is a bonus. His new life gets off to a steamy start when he encounters his new neighbour, David. Things soon become complicated when Mason turns up for his first day at BalletEast, to discover that David is not only his choreographer, but the man who inspired him to take up dancing in the first place.

With two divorces and a string of failed relationships behind him, David has no intention of promising ‘forever’ to anyone. But when he meets Mason, he falls hard and fast for the enigmatic young dancer. As David becomes more serious about Mason, he wants to open his lover’s eyes to the kinks that he enjoys.

Whilst the two men are navigating the early stages of their romance, Mason is facing immense pressures in the rehearsal studios that threaten to dampen his natural enthusiasm for life. Will David’s love and support be enough to help Mason continue to hold his head high and dance like he’s never danced before?

**Contains explicit language and sex scenes, including mild, consensual BDSM**

The Review


We briefly met Mason in A Dance for Two. I’m glad that we’ve gotten the opportunity to learn more about Mason and see his story expand. In A Dance for you Mason has left one ballet company that traveled nonstop and has started working with BalletEast, where he can put down roots. He’s afraid of burning out and this is the change that will allow him to take better care of himself while doing what he loves, dancing.

In a way, Mason is starting anew

Mason meets David, his older neighbor, as he’s trying to get his boxed up furniture to his apartment. David offers to help and they form a connection that burns white hot. As they’re putting together Mason’s furniture, you can feel the tension and their chemistry building. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed.

Neither of them expect to see each other at the dance studio. It was even more of surprise to find out that David was his choreographer and the same man who inspired him to dance. The do keep a firm boundary in place while at work. Mason is a dancer and David is his boss. Mason is going to prove to everyone that he deserves the role he ends up cast as. The entire time though, Mason is a target of one of the senior dancers, Kirk. Oh, how much I wanted to shake Kirk and tell him to grow up.

What I really enjoyed is the pacing of David’s character. He is a Dom and that is a large part of his romantic life. He doesn’t hide it. He approached Mason honestly and kindly. He didn’t push Mason into anything he wouldn’t want to do. David made sure there was a consistent level of trust and understanding between the two of them. As much as he taught Mason about being a sub, he listened to Mason’s fears. Anytime he took from Mason, afterwards he made sure he cared for Mason. He never left Mason feeling broken, hurt, or confused.

They are an amazing couple together. The BDSM was mild but the age gap, boss/employee relationship they had? Oh boy, that made my heart race. Just a little bit. I’m a sucker for age gap romances and this hit every button for me.


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The Last Defense By R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey


Five out of Five Stars

Summary: Every time Max Van Hellren steps on the ice he knows it could be his last time. At thirty-two he’s past his prime but he’s also hiding a life-threatening injury that private doctors warn could kill him. This is his last season, and there’s a chance he could lift the Stanley Cup after fourteen years in the NHL. He just needs to stay safe and healthy; difficult when he’s known for his heavy hitting and with a propensity for dropping the gloves and putting his body in the way of pucks to keep his team safe. A one-night stand with a sexy man was just what he needed, dangerous and hot, but what if it turned into more? Would he have to share the secrets he so desperately tries to hide?

Ben Worthington had it all. A fulfilling job running the CrossRoads Shelter, his loving aunts, and a husband that understood his devotion to animals. Then, the love of his life left him, succumbing so quickly to an unexpected sickness that Ben never had time to say goodbye. The violent loss scarred him. Unable to move past his fears, he moves from lonely encounter to lonely encounter, slaking a desperate need that is eating away at him, but never making a connection that could lead him back into love. One night with Max makes him want more, but will giving into the temptation open the door to feelings he can’t contain?

Can these two broken man ever find a way to be together?

The Review

The Last Defense is book five in the Harrisburg Railers series and it does not let down at all! I feel like with every book, this series gets better and better.

Max Van Hellren is thirty-two and has experienced a devastating illness that always has him wondering, when it’ll rear its ugly head once more. Bring a professional hockey player adds more risk to possibly having another dangerous episode (I call it episode because I feel like I’ll be giving everything away telling you just what’s going on with Max).

Ben, who lost his husband unexpectedly, runs their shelter, sees his crazy aunts (I love the civil rights, crusading pair of ladies who don’t let their age get them down), goes to church and repeats it all over again the next week.

They meet by chance when Ben stops by the Railers rink in hopes of scheduling another adoption event with the team. Their attraction is instant and they both only want one thing. Sex.

I’m going to tell you now, Scott and Locey do not let down with the heat of the sex between the two men. It’s a delicious blend of chemistry, attraction, and physicality between the two men. It’s not all quick, getting-off and leaving. As their relationship progresses, they way they treat each other and how they show their feels is evident. It’s not just sex. It’s more.

Max really resonated with me throughout the book. He didn’t want to form attachments because of the possibility of what could happen.  Then Ben was afraid of losing another person he let himself love the way he lost his husband, Liam. All it took was meeting each other to throw a wrench in their plans.  Ben woke Max up to all the possibilities of living life for it’s entirety. Max showed Ben that you don’t stop living because of loss. That seems like a very young thing to say, but I’ve experienced loss like that on a similar level. I loved that Max didn’t make Ben take pictures down, or get angry with DK being in Ben’s life. He was a true partner to Ben and would do anything to take care of him. And he did.

Now the hockey scenes in this book were amazing! It’s a Stanley Cup run, of course it’s going to be intense but there were times I was on the edge of my seat. I needed to know what was going to happen in the games. And the characters you met at the game and Trent’s Grandma. I was cackling at her reactions. When I’m watching a game with my bestie while the Canes are playing the Pens, I think I’m probably just as bad as her. And the two husbands who watch hockey together? *sigh* I loved it. And they perfectly captured their reaction to a fan of the opposing team. Hockey fans are probably some of the greatest fans because you aren’t afraid to walk to your car in the parking garage if your team wins. You come out with a friend you can chirp during games. Seriously. True story.

Max and Ben’s story sat in my heart. And they pushed my emotions around in the best ways possible.

This is one that I can’t wait to buy the print book to add to my collection!


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In His Corner by Christa Tomlinson


Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: Tré Montgomery loves working with his best friend, Brandon Wilkes. As a professional wrestling tag team, they wow crowds across the country. While Tré craves more from his talented and gorgeous partner, life taught him that confessing his feelings threatens not only friendships, but careers.

Brandon is one of the best when it comes to connecting with an audience of thousands. But when he tries to connect with the only man he truly wants, that ability fizzles out. Hiding his true desires behind a front of playful teasing, he hopes Tré will either catch on or make it clear he’s not interested.

When subtly fails, Brandon makes a decision that threatens to tear his relationship with Tré apart. If they want to stay together, both men will have to bring the confidence they display in the ring into their private lives. Will they brave the risks to go from tag team partners to lovers? Or is their shot at love destined to go down for the count?

The Review

I think I’ve found a new one-click author. Christa Tomlinson doesn’t let you down with In His Corner. Tré and Brandon are tag team partners in the ring and best friends outside of the ring who are both suppressing an attraction to each other for fear that it may ruin the relationship they do have. They try to admit to these feelings in a round-about way but then end up not getting the message. Brandon runs to another wrestling company, Tré has to go back to a singles matches and then they inevitably come back together professionally and romantically but life is never that easy.

The angst in this one was juicy, and I loved it. Because both Tré  and Brandon are struggling with their feelings, they don’t make the best decisions. It takes Brandon leaving for a rival wrestling company. Which just so happens to have a spy in the ranks of Frontier wrestling. So that adds another layer of stress for Brandon when he comes back to Frontier. Is he the spy? People sure think so.

What I liked about In His Corner was how real it felt. They magnetic attraction between the two men, their chemistry in and out of the ring? You knew it was going to be explosive in the bedroom. And Tomlinson has a knack with these scenes. But what was interesting was Brandon needs a little more to make it to the finish line. She wrote that aspect from his side and in talking with Tré  about what he needs elegantly. It didn’t feel over done or dramatized. It was one hundred percent honest and Tré’s response  was perfect.

The wrestling scenes were full of action and fun. I felt like I was in the ring with Tré and Brandon and I could hear the audience in the background. The only issue I had was how last minute finding the ‘mole’ was. It felt like an after thought and she had to hurry up and throw it in there but there’s lead up to a third book featuring Kenji. So there was no rush. That’s my only complaint. And I’m nitpicking you guys. I loved this.

Go read this! You will not be disappointed.

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Showing Him the Ropes by Christa Tomlinson


Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: When a Gruff Veteran Meets an Irrepressible Rookie, Who Will Come Out on Top?

Chance “The Chancellor” Gerhardt – multi-time champion and respected veteran of the locker room – worries he’s entering the twilight of his professional wrestling career. All he wants is one more shot at a championship title run. Instead, his boss saddles him with mentoring a hot, young rookie, Devin Jacobs.

Devin has admired The Chancellor for years, and he’s thrilled to work up close and personal with the steely eyed older wrestler. But while Devin learns from his mentor, he can’t resist admiring the man’s deliciously burly physique.

Trapped together in the intimacy of late-night road trips and shared hotel rooms, longing glances lead to whispered confessions of desire. Devin would love to bring a little warmth and sexiness to his hero’s cold and solitary life. Unfortunately, Chance refuses the rookie’s flirting. After years in the business, he knows their careers will be ruined if their relationship is discovered by the fans. But Devin won’t let that fear stop him from going after everything he wants – championship gold and the man he desires.

Can Devin find a way to prove to Chance that they can have it all? Or will their shot at love be defeated 1-2-3?

The Review

HOLY SMOKES Y’ALL! I read this in one sitting and then started the next book in the series. That’s how much I loved this. If I hadn’t taken my night time meds, I probably would have stayed up all night reading that one too. I love sports M/M romances. Give me pretty much and sport and I’ll sink right into it. I like to think I have the basic knowledge of most sports I can follow along just fine. But wrestling? I know next to nothing.

So let me say this, you don’t have to be a avid wrestler fan to understand what’s going on. Tomlinson uses the terminology but does so in a way that you understand as your reading. If you don’t, she added a handy little glossary in the beginning. I scanned it before reading but it wasn’t necessary.

I have fallen down the hole of age-gap and teacher/student kinds romances. So this hit every spot and then some.

The story weaved around Chance and Devin was intriguing. Not only did you get insider knowledge of what happens back stage, but you got to see the ins and out of the their work and how much of a family these men are to each other.

Chance, The Chancellor, has been part of the wrestling world for a good many of years. He’s gone through being the rookie, the good guy, the bad guy, won titles and lost them to younger wrestlers. When he gets tasked with teaching Devin the ropes, making sure he doesn’t end up going down the path of drugs and booze, he never expected to be so attracted to Devin or have that attraction be returned.

Chance fights it from the beginning. He has never been involved with someone he works with and he’s not going to start now. Especially with a rookie he’s supposed to be mentoring. But Devin makes it difficult to resist. There’s something about the red-head that keeps Chance looking. He flirts with Chance often and only backs off when Chance makes it clear that this can’t happen.

Temptation becomes too much and once he has a taste of Devin, no matter how hard he fights, he can’t stop coming back for more. Now I don’t really go too into detail with sex scenes. It’s difficult for me to write them so when I come across some amazing scenes, I have to share. Everything felt natural. The progression from the initial flirting, to the kisses, to the touches and the actual sex scenes flowed together seamlessly. I have some serious jealousy for Tomlinson’s ability to write these scenes.

Even the arguments that happened between the pair feel real. Chance feeling like he’s taking advantage of Devin, or having people think Devin is working his way up the ladder through sleeping with the veterans of the sport. It wasn’t all roses for the pair and that just made their story even better.

I’m going to go read the next book in the Champions of Desire series, In His Corner!

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Poke Check by R.J. Scott and V.L Locey


Five out of Five Stars!

This is book four in the Harrisburg Railers series

The Summary: Stanislav “Stan” Lyamin is happy playing for the Railers. The towering goalie is well-loved, respected, and making a home for himself even though that home only contains him, his cat, and his growing Pokemon trading card collection. Stan prefers it that way. He’d given his heart to a man in a secret affair, and that man walked away, leaving Stan shattered. Now Erik is back in his life, and he has the same tumultuous effect he had on Stan’s heart as before. This time it’s not just a kissable mouth and sweet blond curls that Erik has brought to Harrisburg, there’s a soon-to-be ex-wife and a precious baby. Despite the vow Stan made to hate Erik forever, he’s now finding it harder and harder to turn away.

Erik Gunnarsson’s dream had always been to play in the NHL, he just never imagined he’d land a contract with the Railers. Who would have thought that fate would put him on the same team as Stanislav Lyamin; the man whose heart he’d callously broken?

Secrets and lies had defined their summer relationship, and the choice that Erik made to end it all haunts him still. In the middle of a messy divorce and with a baby in tow, Erik finds himself back in Stan’s life. Now all he has to do is be the best dad he can be, prove to the team that he deserves the chance to stay on the roster and try his hardest to get Stan to forgive him. Is it possible to persuade a man who hates you to give love a second chance?

The Review

I’ve been waiting for Stan’s story since meeting him in Changing Lines, so to find out that he was getting his own book, I was beyond excited. There’s something about a huge, Russian goalie who is still figuring his way through the English language while playing the sport he loves, jockey.  I found a combination of a few real life players in Stan. He had the humor of Marc-Andre Fleury. He had the love of animals and difficulties with languages from Evgeni Malkin. The intense focus and fury of Nikita Kucherov . Finally the goal flipping, anger of Henrik Lundqvist (yeah I know Locey is a huge fan of the New York Rangers but *shakes fist*)

What I particularly enjoyed about Poke Check was the fact that Stan and Erik met during the off season and had a wild affair. Then Erika breaks Stan’s heart. He sleeps with a woman and ends up getting her pregnant and marries her. Ending up on the Railers with Stan was not what either of them expected. Stan’s hurt was palpable and one hundred percent real. I would have the hardest time working with someone who broke my heart but having to work as closely as they do? Very difficult. They kept it professional and end up being friendly with each other.

There was a lot going on in this. It was neat to see so much Stan’s life outside of hockey. We got to meet his sister Galina and see her have a whirlwind romance with Arvy. Stan also had to deal with his country’s stance on homosexuality and his fear of what would happen to his mother if he was found out.  That was very real and relevant to Russian athletes today.

Erik was a cutie with his cute son Noah. There were a lot of little single-dad moments that I loved getting to see because you know there’s going to be a time the babysitter is sick, you don’t have a backup and what do you do? He was very much about making sure his son was happy and healthy.

Over all I really enjoyed this book.  It had everything I love about a RJ Scott and VL Locey book, hockey, romance, sexy scenes, a bit of drama and a happily ever after.


First Season by R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey


Five out of Five stars

This is book two in the Harrisburg Railers Series

Summary: Layton Foxx works hard for what he’s achieved. The condo, the career, the chance to make his mark…it’s all down to the sacrifices he’s made. With tragedy in his past, he doesn’t want or need love. Then he meets Adler Lockhart, the extroverted, sexy winger for the Harrisburg Railers, and abruptly he can’t avoid love even if he wanted to.

Adler Lockhart has had everything handed to him his whole life. Cars, villas, cash, college tuition at the finest Ivy League schools. The only thing he doesn’t have is parents who care, or the love of a good man. Then Layton walks into his privileged life and shows him what real love can be like.

Layton wants success, Adler wants a family…how can love make both these things possible?

The Review

In the second installment of R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey’s Harrisburg Railers, First Season, we meet Layton Foxx and Adler Lockhart. Layton Foxx is brought in by the Railers management as a form of crisis management for Ten and Mads coming out publicly. Layton and Alder’s first meeting is about as disastrous as Alder’s word vomit is. I think that’s what endeared me so much to Alder.  I can relate to losing that filter when I get nervous or unsure in a situation. He’s just as awkward as the rest of us even if he’s a pro-hockey player.

Layton is young but incredibly smart. He faces his fear of jocks and his past taking the job with the Railers and I think it really changed his opinion and helped him on his road of healing. There was something very organic about him and I found myself admiring his resolve and rooting for Adler to finally get through to him. And when they do push past work colleagues, past friendship and into a romantic relationship it felt true to the pair. Their intimacy was vivid, strong and fun. Just like Alder’s habit for saying whatever comes to mind and Layton’s gentle but wry humor.

I think Layton brought Alder a sense a family that he didn’t have as he grew up. Layton gave that to him by bringing Alder to his childhood home, trusting and sharing his heartbreaking past and at the very end, acknowledging Alder’s chosen family as that.

There was something about these two that had me one hundred percent invested in their story. R.J. Scott and V.L Locey could have written an eight hundred page novel on these two and I would have loved every second of it. The second installment of the series was a perfect addition, (I have a fear that the second book in a series can ruin everything, this totally DIDN’T) and it flowed from book one to book two and into book three (which I scored an ARC of!!!).

What also had me dancing in my seat? The fact that you saw characters from Changing Lines throughout First Season. They just weren’t written and then forgotten about. I was glad to see Mads family and so much more of STAN! I love Stan to pieces and need to read more about him!

Should you buy this? Yes, go buy it now, you’ll be glad that you did.

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Snap Shot by V.L. Locey


This is book one in the Cayuga Cougars Hockey series

Summary: Mario McGarrity has been around the block – and rink – more than a few times.

He’s creeping up on retirement age, has some dings and dents, and says what’s on his mind. Not exactly what most would consider a luxury ride, but his beautiful Lila – the transgender woman who stole his heart – loves him like no other woman ever has despite a little rust here and there.

Everything is good – no, great – aside from the distance issue, until a surprise from Lila’s past crops up and moves in with her. Can Mario be the family man that Lila needs, or is this one game the old vet is unable to skate in?


The Review

Snap Shot by V.L. Locey is the first in the Cayuga Cougars series. Lila and Mario (aka Seamus) have a relationship that I think everyone aspires to have. No matter the difficulties they face, they face those issues together and work to find a solution.
I’ll be one hundred percent honest, I was hesitant at first towards how Lila was going to be written. It’s my first foray into this particular genre so I was a bit nervous about how their love scenes would be written. Locey blew it out of the water (in the greatest way possible). Lila and Seamus’ relationship was honest, full of steamy goodness and not at all raunchy (which was what I was afraid I’d find here).

I enjoyed seeing how Seamus dealt with the surprise Lila gave him, Langley, her son. Langley acted exactly how a kid in his shoes would act. He was a rebellious, smart ass that all teenagers are. Some of the things he did had me rolling my eyes but Seamus and Lila made an excellent team when it came to Langley.

I found myself falling in love with the secondary characters as well. Augie, the goalie and the rest of the team as they drifted through the novel had me laughing. When you fall in love with the secondary characters along with the main characters you know you’ve found an excellent book.

I was super excited to see that Augie was going to be featured in book two!

Would I recommend this book to others? Yes, so many times yes.

Changing Lines by R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey


This is book one in the Harrisburg Railers Series


Can Tennant show Jared that age is just a number, and that love is all that matters?

The Rowe Brothers are famous hockey hotshots, but as the youngest of the trio, Tennant has always had to play against his brothers’ reputations. To get out of their shadows, and against their advice, he accepts a trade to the Harrisburg Railers, where he runs into Jared Madsen. Mads is an old family friend and his brother’s one-time teammate. Mads is Tennant’s new coach. And Mads is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

Jared Madsen’s hockey career was cut short by a fault in his heart, but coaching keeps him close to the game. When Ten is traded to the team, his carefully organized world is thrown into chaos. Nine years his junior and his best friend’s brother, he knows Ten is strictly off-limits, but as soon as he sees Ten’s moves, on and off the ice, he knows that his heart could get him into trouble again.


The Review


I have to preface this review by being honest. I typically love everything by bot V.L. Locey and R.J. Scott. So if I get a little flowery, excuse me. I try to be as objective as necessary but they are on my one-click author list. I’m a little obsessed with hockey as well.

Changing Lines is the first book in a hockey centered series by R.J Scott and V.L Locey. Ten is a much younger hockey player who is attracted to Mads, an old family friend who also happens to be Ten’s new coach. This is definitely what I would consider a vacation read. It’s a light, easy and happy read. It wasn’t overly complicated and it had all the aspects of a romance novel that we all love.

Saying that, there were parts of the plot I wish would have been explored more. With all the emphasis that had been put on a ‘slow’ moving relationship, all the development happened off screen. I was hoping for a drawn out, steamy, story line. It felt a bit rushed and they just needed to get together right now because the reader won’t stick around if they don’t!

Also, in the summary there was mention about the age difference between Mads and Ten but it was a plot point briefly explored. I expected angst and both men having to fight a little more to get what they wanted. One of the only things that reminded me that Mads was older was his son*.

I did love the interaction between all the Rowe brothers. They are a hockey family through and through, and the dynamic instantly made me think of the Staal brothers. There are a lot of brothers in the NHL and it was exciting to see that shown in a M/M romance. I liked that the family of hockey was as important as if seems to be in real life. If you aren’t a hockey fan, you should still give this a read if you like sports romance.

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*If I recall correctly we are getting a New Adult novel featuring Mads’ son. I’m beyond excited about this.