Heart and Hand by Rebel Carter

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3 Out of 5 Stars


It doesn’t take long for Julie Baptiste to realize she yearns for more than the non-stop engagements and niceties dictated by New York high society. So, she decides to do something bold and answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride in Gold Sky, Montana.

Ex-Union soldiers Forrest Wickes and William Barnes have been inseparable since the War. They share everything, including the desire to find a wife. A woman who is willing to marry them both and provide the isolated town with a much needed teacher.

When Julie arrives in Montana the three of them must figure out how to navigate the boundaries of their new lives. Can Forrest and Will come together to provide what Julie needs and protect the heart of the woman who’s made her way intimately into theirs?

And how will a debutante-turned-teacher manage frontier life with two husbands?


I received this book in a LGBTQ+ themed advent book box from The Ripped Boddice (WHICH I FREAKING LOVED and I hope they do it again this year). I debated about reviewing Heart and Hand on here, as there isn’t much explored within the relationship of the two men featured, but there were undertones of a M/M relationship even though it wasn’t explicitly written out. 

I’m a fan of the mail-order bride trope, there’s something so satisfying to see a relationship blossom into friendship and then into romantic love. That’s kind of what you get here with Julie, Forrest, and Will. 

Forrest and Will, although it is never expressly written, have a lovers bond. That’s how I interpreted. They needed someone to balance them out and Julie was the perfect addition to their lives. She’s spirited, sexy, and full of energy. Forrest and Will? Whoo, those fellas, they definitely had the rugged cowboy, law officer persona down pat. 

Julie’s jealousy, there was something about it that made me just as jealous as she was. There were times I wanted Julie smash a pie in someone’s face, but Julie is obviously more well-behaved than I am. Not only could I feel her irritation, but I could feel Forrest and Will’s frustration. 

Romance wise, it’s on the lighter side of the steam factor. There was a lot of buildup but not enough oomph, at least for me. 

This one left me wanting and I felt a little let down that it was marketed as a MMF novel. Was it a decent read? Yes, I enjoyed reading it. I love a good historical fiction featuring cowboys and a socialite. 

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Home for a Cowboy by Amy Aislin


Five out of Five Stars


Las doesn’t date seasonal workers. Marco’s on a three-month contract.

Lassiter Windsor-March has been planning for his future for as long as he can remember and he knows exactly where that future lies: at his family’s ranch in Wyoming. What doesn’t lie in his future is a summer fling with one of the seasonal workers—they never stick around.

Even if one of those workers is the college crush he’s invited to work a summer job at the ranch.

Marco Terlizzese is as laissez-faire as Las isn’t. He might not know where he’ll be once his contract with Windsor Ranch is up, but he knows three months is plenty of time to get his long-time crush to agree to go out with him.

Amid a starry summer sky, their chemistry ignites as feelings deepen, forcing Las and Marco to decide where they truly belong.


Marco Terlizzese and Lassiter Windsor-March are goals. Recently graduated from college, they’re still trying to figure what they want to do with their lives. Marco isn’t sure he wants to pursue hockey professionally, but Las knows his life is going to be at the Windsor Ranch in some way or another, but he’s got grad school to consider and the project he wants to take on for his thesis. One thing they do know for certain, is their attraction to each other is hard to resist.

Las invites Marco to work on his family ranch for the summer as Marco tries to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Sparks fly between the two of them, and finally Las lets himself have what he always said he wouldn’t ever have. A relationship with a seasonal worker.

Their feelings for each other were so tender and pure. There were so many moments that I just sat in my bed grinning or breathing out a happy sigh. They stole my heart with how they acted towards each other.

There were times I felt like I was out there on the Windsor Ranch in Wyoming. I could smell the air, imagine the food and dances, and see the starry night sky on the nights Las and Marco went to Las’s tent. This was a fun, light-hearted, dreamy sigh inducing read!

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Ruby Run by Sam Burns

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3.5 Stars out of 5


Augustus Ambrose never planned to return to the United States after graduation. His mother’s final letter, with its dire threats about what would await if he did, had been more than enough to keep him away. But when his Aunt Grace dies unexpectedly and leaves him her ranch in the New Mexico Territory, he can’t ignore it. Grace gave him everything, and he can’t let her legacy suffer for his childish fear of his mother.

Griffith Taylor doesn’t want much. Quiet nights on the range, a big blue sky, and no rattlesnakes in his boots. He definitely doesn’t want to travel to Boston to take care of his late boss’s heir. When he lays eyes on his charge, everything changes. Not just because Augie is the best looking greenhorn he’s ever clapped eyes on, oh no.

Someone wants Griff’s new boss dead, and they’re not afraid to use forbidden magic to get the job done. Griff can handle himself in a fight, but this job might be more than he’s prepared for.


If you are looking for a light-hearted, quick read with a paranormal western edge then this is the perfect book (and series) to dive in to. Ruby Run is part of the Tin Star Witches: The Witches of Ruby Gulch series, each novel written by a different author.

Griff and Augie are complete opposites of each other. Griff is a Range Witch working at the Lost Chance ranch. Augie has just inherited the Lost Chance ranch from his aunt. The journey to Lost Chance bring a lot more trouble then a city boy not being able to cut it in the west.

These two character are so cute together. Augie is unsure of himself, he knows nothing about ranching but this is the first opportunity to find a home. He can’t pass that up. Griff likes Augie just as he is, caring, kind, and perfect for him in every way.

The chemistry between Griff and Augie is instantaneous and burns brightly. There are a few spicy scenes which were great. There were some flirty scenes that just had me grinning. Griff and Augie, I just love them. This was a great read.

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Winter Cowboy by RJ Scott


Book One of the Whisper Ridge, Wyoming Series

Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: Micah Lennox left Whisper Ridge after promising the man he loved that he would never return. But the only way he knows to keep his pregnant sister and nephew safe is to go home. Spending winter in Wyoming opens too many old wounds, but he’s on the run from justice which can’t be far behind, and this is his last chance at redemption.

After a hostage situation leaves Doctor Daniel Sheridan struggling with PTSD, he returns to Whisper Ridge. Joining his dad in family practice is a balm to soothe his exhausted soul, and somehow, he finds a peace he can live with. That is until he meets Micah in a frozen graveyard, and the years of anger and feelings of betrayal boiling inside him, erupt.

Two broken men fight and scratch for their lives and that of their families, and somehow, in the middle of it all, they find each other.

Is it possible that love can be rekindled and become a forever to believe in?

The Review

Can I say that RJ Scott has done it again? Because she has. I fall in love with every character she creates, or at least I have so far. I haven’t read everything written but I’ve got a lot on my iPad just waiting to be read. Anyways to the review!

I knew this was going to be an emotional read going in to this. Two broken men with a history, that breaks my heart, finally meet up after nearly a decade of time has past. Neither of them have healed in that time. If anything it seems like the wounds they had been nursing in order to just get by managed to intensify by other events in their lives. But when they see each other, maybe this was the moment they needed in order to start the process.

Micah, he would give anything to his sister and nephew to make sure they were safe and taken care of. He had such a strong sense of family, it only made sense that he would have dealt with the amount of guilt and self-hate that he did. They way Micah was written was real, gritty and honest. No one would have come out the same after what happened when he was a kid.

Daniel, god, give that man a hug. Or a million. I can see why he had turned so angry. He lost a brother, he lost Micah, he was torn between his own anger and guilt and then when he finally gets out then his life gets torn even further apart when a co-worker was killed in front of him. He comes home and then faces his past all over again. It isn’t easy to differentiate the two events either. It’s like a cycle that mixes everything up in his head.

I loved how family centered Winter Cowboy was. Micah was fighting to keep the little bit of family he has out of harms way and Daniel who’s family is fighting to pull him back into living life and being happy. This was a story of healing and learning to cope. They didn’t shove everything on the rug and pretend it was okay. It wasn’t. It’s progress and I think RJ Scott showed that with the development of all of the characters, not just the two main  characters.

I could picture the Lennox and Sheridan land and now I just want to go to Wyoming and experience the way life is there. I want to know what Wyoming snow and cold is like. It makes me want to travel. That’s a special kind of writing, to make someone want to pack up and leave home just to know what it’s like in Wyoming in February. Don’t judge. I see you, you judgy-judger.

To be released February 28th 2018

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Wild Trail by A.M. Arthur


3.5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Summary:  Mack Garrett loves the rolling hills surrounding his Northern California dude ranch. Leading vacationers on horse trails with his two best friends is enough – romance is definitely not in the cards. When a sexy tourist shows up at Clean Slate, he’s as far from Mack’s type as can be. So why is the handsome city slicker so far under his skin in less than a day?

Roughing it in the middle of nowhere isn’t anywhere near Wes Bentley’s idea of fun. Then he lays eyes on the gruffest, hottest papa bear he’s ever seen. But Mack is as hard to pin down as he looks – distant, sharp-tongued, and in desperate need of a shave. Until a campout gone wrong strands both men in the mountains with nothing to do but get to know each other.

Mack intends to keep his closely guarded heart out of Wes’ very talented hands. But for a seven-day cowboy, Wes is packing some long-term possibility. The cold country air can do wonders for bringing bodies together – but it will take more than that to bridge the distance between two men whose lives are worlds apart.

The Review

Wild Trail is the first book in the Clean Slate Ranch series by A.M. Arthur. It featured a steamy vacation fling that grew to be more. Wes is an actor who is treating his sister to a genuine, cowboy-esque experience. This is where he meets Mack, an ex-cop turned ranch hand that would eventually steal his heart.

A.M. Arthur knows how to set the scene. The descriptions were rich. It allowed me to see the ranch, the ghost town and the camp grounds as if I were there myself. The romance between Mack and Wes was mostly great. From the moment they laid eyes on each other and began the subtle dance of flirtation, the sexual tension built and continued building with every chapter. Once they finally acting on that attraction? Whoa, it was something else. The way Arthur wrote their scenes were sexy, fluid and full of steam.

What I didn’t particularly enjoy was the ‘boss’ and ‘daddy’ use. I’ve never been a fan of partners using the term ‘daddy’, but this didn’t really work. The dynamic wasn’t there. Mack using “Boss” was okay. It sounded more like a term of endearment.

Then there was what Colt admitted to Mack. I felt a little let down by it. It felt like an after thought. But I do feel like it was written that way to be explored through another book in the series, maybe? It felt rushed.

Did I like Wild Trail? Yes. I enjoyed reading about Mack, Wes and how they engaged with each other. I would definitely read more by A.M. Arthur.

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