Hers to Protect by Nicole Disney


Three out of Five Stars

The Summary: Kaia Sorano is a police officer in the dangerous and gang dominated streets of Chicago. She thinks she’s prepared for anything, but when she responds to a bloody domestic violence call, only to find her high school sweetheart is the victim, she knows she has to find a way to help.

When Adrienne Contreras’s mother moved her to the south side of Chicago at seventeen, she quickly saw her safe life and idealistic love with Kaia replaced with poverty, crime, and violence. Now twenty-seven, Adrienne is dating Gianna, a high-ranking member of a brutal gang. She has the streets figured out, but the first rule is to never talk to cops, even one she used to be in love with.

As their attraction grows into love, Adrienne and Kaia struggle to see past the changes in each other and escape Gianna and the gang, who have threatened both their lives.

The Review

Hers to Protect is a hard book for me to review. There are two sides to every story and seeing it told from a cops point of view and then from a gang member’s point of view was something I hadn’t seen done before. I liked that we were getting to see Kaia, Adrienne, Gianna and Anna’s story unfold but there was such a disconnect between the two main characters, it was hard to read.

I love a cop story, the violence, the gore, the gritty gang life? None of that bothered me. It was a part of this story and if it had been left out, I don’t think it would have worked at all. But if you’ve ever been a friend with a cop, if you’ve ever had cops in your family, the things Kaia did for ‘love’ they wouldn’t have done. There’s a set of values, morals and care that cops have. Kaia abandoned all of that. Does it happen in real life? Oh, no doubt that it does. But how easily she drifted over the line from lawful to unlawful because of Adrienne, it made me angry. Sure in the end Adrienne realized that not all cops were corrupt but the whole thing irked me.

Due to the above, I found their rekindled romance unbelievable. I read some pretty crazy things, like men getting pregnant crazy, but this left a bad taste in my mouth. Sure they were teenagers in love, separated by parents and tragedy but it didn’t feel real. Like maybe more internal thought? More talk between the two? I don’t know. They were missing something vital for me.

Do I think that was the over all attention and to grab your attention to make you think? I do. Disney wanted us to see the allure of gang life, how far they would go for each other and how that influenced even those not initiated into the gang yet. She showed up that cops are both good and bad. That anyone can be tempted for the right reasons.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of her romance scenes. It was super fun reading about dancing tongues every time they kissed. It was a bit of an instant replay every time they got together.  (I’m sorry, that sounds really bitchy and it could be the fact I had a procedure done on my neck this morning) But seriously, give us a little more variety.

Do I believe that Nicole Disney will become an amazing author? Oh yes. She has skill and can craft a scene well but there were bits and pieces that tricked a nerve for me. Maybe this one wasn’t my cup of tea and perhaps it’ll be yours.

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Into the Mystic Volume Three


Four out of Five Stars

The Summaries: There are nine lesbian/bisexual paranormal short stories contained in this volume of short stories.

It Started Before Noon – All stories must begin somewhere.

Heart’s Thaw – A frozen heart is no match for ignited passions.

Fire and Brine – Of all the bars in all the world, Alice had to wander into Cassandra’s. Are either of them ready for what comes next?

Dance with Me – Can a werewolf and a vampire put aside their differences to catch a thief in the Windy City?

My Cup of O Pos – Not every visit to the ER has to be stressful.

Home – A stray, an alpha, and a question: Where does she belong?

Swoon – Falling in love is tough when you’re a cursed pirate.

The Hunt – A first bite is never easy for a teenage vampire.

By Candlelight – A girl and her ghost await a funeral.


The Review(s)

Not having previously read the last two volumes of the Into the Mystic collections, I wasn’t expecting what I actually got. The cover had me thinking, like time travel, witches, Scottish highlands but that’s not what I got. Now I can say each of these stories were great in their own ways. Some of the authors are now on my list to watch for future work or previous publications.

I have come to realize that there are going to be stories I absolutely love and need an entire novel written about the characters, and then one or two that I’m not fond of. It’s just personal preference. If you’re looking for erotica, that’s not what you’re going to get in this collection. There’s one story, Fire and Brine by Lis Valentine would be the one that went more in that direction. The rest have a gentle, kind romance about them.

It Stated Before Noon by Ava Kelly is probably one of the three stories I wish there was more of. That’s how much I loved it. The concept wasn’t one that I had seen before. A muse planting and cultivating inspiration (comedies, tragedies, dramas, but never romances) tickled me. A romantic and a scientist working together, learning about life and falling in love? I was smiling the entire time.

Home by K. Parr hit my weak spot. I love a good werewolf story, and then you’ve got a little bit of an age difference. Yeah, buddy. A young bitten wolf is trying to figure her way out in the world and she ends up in the backyard of an alpha who makes her feels whole. And that ending *sigh* it was perfect.

Swoon by Artemis Savery was completely unexpected. Sirens, they aren’t my thing. But a lesbian siren who is morally conflicted with taking the voice of a woman she loves? It was beautiful, crushing and hopefully all at the same time.

The Hunt by M. Hollis and By Candlelight by Ziggy Schultz were YA stories. The Hunt had a vampire youth going on her first hunt and I squealed with how adorable she was. By Candlelight, it was a bit darker but the thing is it’s what anyone would hope for when they pass. The communication between the ghosts and the ending left me feeling warm.

Fire and Brine by Lis Valentine, is a steamy quick read.

My Cup of Pos by L.J. Hamlin, the title is a little unfortunate until you actually read the story and understand what it means. I think it was intriguing to see a disabled vampire and an explanation of the disability was extremely important because you don’t get that very often in books.

Dance With Me by Michelle Frost was okay. I think it would have made an excellent full-length novel. A PI werewolf with a vampire client. The two don’t mix or do they?

Overall, this is a great collection of stories. I would definitely recommend checking into these collections to find new authors to read because that’s exactly how I’ve been finding a bunch of my new TBR list.

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Addict by Matt Doyle


Four out of Five Stars

The Summary: New Hopeland was built to be the centre of the technological age, but like everywhere else, it has its dark side. Assassins, drug dealers and crooked businessmen form a vital part of the city’s make-up, and sometimes, the police are in too deep themselves to be effective. But hey, there are always other options …

For P.I. Cassie Tam, business has been slow. So, when she’s hired to investigate the death of a local VR addict named Eddie Redwood, she thinks it’ll be easy money. All she has to do is prove to the deceased’s sister Lori that the local P.D. were right to call it an accidental overdose. The more she digs though, the more things don’t seem to sit right, and soon, Cassie finds herself knee deep in a murder investigation. But that’s just the start of her problems.

When the case forces Cassie to make contact with her drug dealing ex-girlfriend, Charlie Goldman, she’s left with a whole lot of long buried personal issues to deal with. Then there’s her client. Lori Redwood is a Tech Shifter, someone who uses a metal exoskeleton to roleplay as an animal. Cassie isn’t one to judge, but the Tech Shifting community has always left her a bit nervous. That wouldn’t be a problem if Lori wasn’t fast becoming the first person that she’s been genuinely attracted to since splitting with Charlie. Oh, and then there’s the small matter of the police wanting her to back off the case.

Easy money, huh? Yeah, right.

The Review

It was supposed to be easy money. P.I. Cassie Tam takes on what should be an open and shut case, Eddie Redwood’s accidental overdose and death. He’s a VR addict. It makes sense. All she’d have to prove to Eddie’s sister, Lori, is that his death was exactly what it appeared to be and pocket a pretty penny in the process.

She probably should have known that it wouldn’t work out that way.

As she digs deeper and deeper, Cassie is thrust into more than she asked for. There are assassins, drug dealers, cops who want her to back off, and the world of Tech Shifting. And it’s the first time she’s felt a tug of attraction to anyone since her last breakup. Of course it’d be Lori Redwood, her current client who spends time as a tech shifted.

Right from the first pages, you get Cassie’s sarcasm, snark and wit. Think, Veronica Mars as an adult in a tech heavy world with a touch of crime noire. She doesn’t change who she is for anyone. She is one hundred percent Cassie every minute of the day.  The fact that Bert, who I refuse to spoil you on, is just as snarky as Cassie, it’s perfect.

The tech in this world, it went beyond my expectations. I didn’t think of applying it in the methods that Matt Doyle did in this novel. It was vivid, understandable and just as much of the setting as Cassie’s ratty apartment was.

As for the romance, Cassie and Lori flirt throughout. There was a part of me that was all about that. I’m not a fan of characters just jumping into bed. Cassie’s caution but ability to learn why Lori is a tech shifter was a dynamic you don’t really see explore. Cassie rolled with it and took the time to understand. Towards the end is when you get the most action romance wise.

There were times that I forgot there was a mystery happening. I was more interested in Cassie and Lori. I couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for a slow burn. I also did not see the reason behind Eddie Redwood’s death coming. It was a surprise but one I felt there could have been a little more build up to. So it was good that I didn’t see it coming but it felt a little flat to me.

Am I going to read the next book when it comes out? You better believe I am. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I’m glad I got the opportunity to read and review it.

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Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham


Four out of Five Stars

The Summary: When a change in collective conscious sends the Outsiders, a group of aliens, to the shadows below the city, humans reason that the demonization of their peers is simply more “humane.” There’s no question, nor doubt. Just acceptance.

Lydia had embraced that sense of “truth” for as long as she can remember. The daughter of a powerful governor, she has been able to live her life with more comforts than most. Comforts can be suffocating, though, and when the opportunity to teach Outsider children in their private, “humane” community becomes available, she takes it.

What she finds beneath the city is far from the truth she had grown to know. There she meets Alessia, an Outsider with the knowledge and will to shake the foundation of all those who walk above ground. The two find a new and unexpected connection despite a complete disconnect from the technological world. Or perhaps in spite of it.

Still, it takes a lot more than an immutable connection to change the world. Lydia, Alessia, and a small group of Outsiders must navigate a system of corruption, falsehoods, and twists none of them ever saw coming, all while holding on to the hope to come out alive in the end. But it’s a risk worth taking, and a future worth fighting for.


The Review

Beneath the Surface is Rebecca Langham’s debut novel.  It’s a science-fiction novel that delves into the tougher issues of what any society can and does experience. Lydia, who is the daughter of a powerful politician, choses to teach in an underground community where the Outsiders are housed. She teaches an extremely scripted version of history as to what happened and why the Outsiders were kept underground. It was for their own good, a way to protect them and one day they’ll get out of the underground societies. Once it’s safe for them.

Upon her arrival, Lydia first meets Jez, her teaching partner who is also a hybrid of the human/outsider species. That’s why she’s always remained underground, teaching and denying herself the chance to fall in love and to find friends. I think this is a moment that makes Lydia stand still and think. As she begins to get situated and teach she starts to interact more with the Outsiders. She sees Alessia throughout and she feels drawn to her. It’s definitely a tough pill to swallow. You’re taught a certain rhetoric all your life and you start to see something different. Then you’re attracted to an Outsider? That’s a lot.

Romance took a backseat to the main plot of Beneath the Surface. I think that if there had been more written about their romance, it wouldn’t have fit in the story. There were breathless kisses, scenes that could have been more detailed but you knew how the two felt about each other. It was more than attraction for them.

Fermi also had a bit of a romance going as well. I loved Fermi. He was so bright, happy and full of energy. So to see a secondary character get attention was exciting.

I found myself throughout the entire novel making connections to past and current events. I blame the historian in me but I saw segregation, racial tensions, and refugee issues. There were so many ways that this made me stop and think.

I enjoyed the amount of detail that had been needed to create such a huge, diverse world. There were at times I felt myself walking through the hallways, experiencing the rush of emotion. I could feel happy, sad, anxious and angry in a rapid manner. And it was all essential to the plot.

But the ending is what had you opening your eyes and thinking, oh my gosh. That’s so true. It’s something that I never saw coming but looking back there were plenty of little clues.

This is one you should definitely give a read.

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Blend by Georgia Beers


Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: When the widowed owner of the wine bar Vineyard decides she wants to take some time off and travel abroad, she leaves her business in the very capable hands of the two women she trusts most: her daughter Piper and Vineyard’s general manager, Lindsay.
For Lindsay Kent, Vineyard is her dream job. She’s thrilled when her boss leaves her in charge (well, half charge) and tells her to feel free to make changes. Lindsay has tons of ideas that she’s been dying to put into action, and this is her big chance to increase the success of the business and prove she’s more than ready to run things solo. But getting the boss’s daughter on board is harder than expected. The uptight and annoyingly attractive Piper is blocking her every move.

For Piper Bradshaw, Vineyard is not her job. She already has one. She’s VP at a large tech company, and she’s damn good at it. Who cares if people say she’s a workaholic and an icy bitch? She didn’t get to the top by being prone to whims and experiments. She’s not happy when her mother suddenly decides to gallivant all over the country and furious that the family business has been left in the hands of the happy-go-lucky, born-a-generation-too-late hippie who manages it. Good thing Lindsay can’t make any changes unless they both agree, because Piper doesn’t intend to.


The Review

Blend by Georgia Beers takes you right into Vineyard a wine bar that has been left in the capable hands of Lindsay Kent and the owner’s daughter, Piper Bradshaw. If you enjoy wine with your romance this is definitely a book you need to read. I’m not a wine person but with the way Beers writes, I could taste the different blends and traditional wines on the back of my tongue. I could even smell it as I was reading. It’s easy to say that once you start reading this, you’re going to be immersed into the world of Vineyard and surrounding land. I loved that it put me into the setting not only visually but all my senses were teased throughout.

Both Lindsay and Piper felt real. They had their own strengths and weaknesses but pushed each other to be their best. The chemistry between the two of them is explosive. At first it’s all dislike between the two. Lindsay is more of a free spirit and Piper is a shark in the business world. I loved how as Lindsay got to know Piper more, I started to enjoy her character more. I liked the journey the two women took, how it wasn’t all roses and sometimes a little forgiveness and understanding can go a long way.

The romance scenes between the two were honest and charged with emotion. There was enough detail to make your breath catch but not so much I skimmed over it. I felt like those scenes fit perfectly with the tone of the book. These scenes only added to Lindsay and Piper’s attraction to each other.

I would definitely recommend reading this book. I’ve already added Georgia Beers to my to-read list because of how much I enjoyed reading this book.


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Will release April 17, 2018

Teacher’s Pet Anthology


Five out Five Stars

Titles and Summaries:
By Virtue Fall by Kashmira Majumdar – The rules have changed…and so have the consequences for breaking them.

Striking Gold by S.A. James – Sometimes when we think we have no choice, life brings something brighter.

Full Marks by Asta Idonea – When Jacob seeks out his favourite lecturer at a university reunion, will he get full marks?

Lessons for a Lifetime by Hudson Lin – A second language, a first chance at love.

Welcome to Ms Skinner’s Freshman Composition by Aila Alvina Boyd – After auditioning for a play, professor and student find themselves cast opposite each other as romantic leads.

Piece of Cake by Valentine Wheeler – All Richard wanted was a nice, quiet retirement. His kids aren’t going to let that happen.

Professor Ghost by Damian Serbu – An otherworldly mentor might be his way out.

Bare by Jack Harbon – When a passion for art turns into something more.

The Botanist’s Apprentice by Arden Powell – Don’t get too close to the flowers

The Review

I have become a huge fan of the anthologies that NineStar Press puts out. This one is amazing. It’s a group of stories focused on the Teacher/Student relationship and it’s done in a way that  doesn’t give you the ick factor of an underage student being preyed on by a teacher. Instead you get a very well rounded group of authors who give us stories from a variety of age groups. There’s a story in this collection for everyone.

My absolute favorites were: The Botanist’s Apprentice, Bare, Welcome to Ms. Skinner’s Freshman Composition and Piece of Cake.

In The Botanist’s Apprentice you are given a historical, M/M story.  Not only is there a reluctant teacher with a backstory but there’s a student that is intelligent and is interested in poisonous plants and their uses. I knew that there was going to be a plant involved in getting these two together but it was delicious. I honestly want to read more about these two.

Bare, let me cool off for a second. An awkward, college art student i sstepping way out of his boundaries and volunteers as a nude model during a free spring break class one of his instructors is giving. Then he gets asked to participate in a photo shoot for the teacher later on. This was perfection. The heat level between the two, wow. It’s off the charts. It hit all my spots for a good M/M story.

Ms. Skinner’s Freshman Composition features a transgender character, male to female. She now teaches at a community college and uses the opportunity to get back to what she loves, participating in theater along with her teaching. She didn’t expect to be treated to a former student who was in her high school class before her transition. The chemistry is fiery. There’s a lot of anger and misunderstanding between the two but once they start to work with each other in the production they’re in, it gets obvious that they are attracted to each other rather than hateful to each other.

I loved this collection of stories because of the variety you go. It wasn’t all erotica, it wasn’t all young couples. There were older couples. there were couples of different cultures. It covered a wide spectrum of romances and I think that’s what appeals to me so much.

I would definitely give this one a read!

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The Queen of Ieflaria by Effie Calvin


Five out of Five Stars!

Summary: Princess Esofi of Rhodia and Crown Prince Albion of Ieflaria have been betrothed since they were children but have never met. At age seventeen, Esofi’s journey to Ieflaria is not for the wedding she always expected but instead to offer condolences on the death of her would-be husband.

But Ieflaria is desperately in need of help from Rhodia for their dragon problem, so Esofi is offered a new betrothal to Prince Albion’s younger sister, the new Crown Princess Adale. But Adale has no plans of taking the throne, leaving Esofi with more to battle than fire-breathing beasts.

The Review


Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to the review! The first thing that called to me when I saw this book was the cover. It’s beautiful. I’m so happy that the story with in it matches the cover. Two princesses falling in love? Yes please!

Esofi of Rhodia was intended to marry Albion of Ieflaria since she was three years old. Tragedy strikes and Albion is killed by the thing Esofi is supposed to be able to offer protection to, dragons. It’s been her destiny to marry one of the crowned heirs and she’s determined to follow through on the commitment no matter if it is a prince  Albion or princess Adale.

What I loved about Esofi is that she isn’t overly beautiful and not everyone is falling at her feet. She felt like a real person. I personally thought she sounded gorgeous and I loved the fact that we eventually got to hear that from Adale’s lips. Ieflaria doesn’t know how powerful she truly is until she’s tested by a dragon.

Then their entire world is flipped on it’s head. Are dragons truly as terrible as they thought they were? Is Adale the princess for Esofi or should she go with one of the twin cousins?

I love that Adale went an unexpected route to show Esofi that she was interested in their match and believed it could work. She didn’t go for buying pretty things or spoiling her. Instead, she showed Esofi the people of Ieflaria and by sharing the knowledge she found about dragons and the temple and gifts that had been bestowed upon the people.

They were so cute together. Anytime there were scenes with the two of them I was grinning and wishing for more. I started this last night and the only thing that stopped me was the fact I fell asleep. Then I finished it off as soon as I woke up. I want to read so much more of this world! I’m excited that it’s a series! I’ve already went to follow the author on GoodReads and plan on stalking every book she releases. That’s how much I enjoyed this.

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Fire and Ice by Tamsen Parker


Three out of Five Stars

This is book four of the Snow and Ice Games Series

Summary:  Blaze Bellamy is the bad girl of the short track speed skating world. Looking like a roller derby bruiser when she’s not in her Team USA uniform, she’s an unlikely American heroine. She’s got a punk attitude to match her provocative dress and her dyed hair, and she’s determined to get onto the front pages of the papers regardless of how she has to do it.

Maisy Harper is the workhorse of the Canadian women’s figure skating team. Serious, modest, and above all, polite, Maisy would prefer to win her victory on the ice rather than in the press, and is exasperated by Blaze’s antics. When she’s not lusting after her anyway. After they both failed to make the medal podium at the last Snow and Ice Games, they drowned themselves in gin—and each other.

Despite their hookup being drunken, they both harbor fond memories of their night together and are keen for a repeat. But they’ve got different ways of going about getting what they want, and Blaze’s willingness to go to any lengths for the spotlight could ruin any chance she has with Maisy.


The Review

Okay, first things first I was super excited to get approved for an ARC of this book. I was all about it. It was posted as a romance and the summary sounded really great. I will fully admit that I have never read anything by Tamsen Parker or in this series so I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. I was going in blind.

This is not a romance. This is pure erotica. So if that’s your thing? GET IT, GIRL!

I was expecting a sweeping story line, sexy scenes, and all the things you get with a romance book. As soon as I started the first chapter, I knew the majority of what I was going to read was sex and I was okay with that, (I consider it research, the little weirdo I am) and kept on reading.

Maisy was very dominant in this and I got the feeling that if Blaze wouldn’t have been down with what Maisy demanded, then that would have been it. No more sex and Maisy would have moved on her merry way.

There were scenes that I was like, what. the. fuck. People do that? I had never read a fisting scene. In all the books I’ve read, M/M, F/M, F/F, this was a first for me. I expected a lot of prep, a lot of foreplay, and a super long drawn out scene. Nope. The face riding scenes? I’m not a fan of. I mean, I know people are into that. I’m not. Simple as that.

What I did appreciate was the fact that toys were written into some of the scenes. Sex isn’t just fingers, tongues and kissing.  Those scenes involving the use of toys were freaking hot. It left me a little breathless. I was all about those scenes.

I feel like the little bit of plot that was included was an after thought. “Oh, this is more than three weeks of sex between two women. I should fix that.” There was an over use of some terminology but that is literally me nitpicking, not a big deal. Most people probably wouldn’t notice it.

All in all, it was an okay read. I definitely would have labeled this as EROTICA not romance. So if you like erotica, this is for you. If you like a lot of plot with your sex, probably not for you.

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Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich


Three stars out of five stars

Summary: What would you do if you could go back in time and change your past?
For Eva Caldwell that question is a no-brainer. After her parents were murdered while she was away at summer camp, Eva was placed into the custody of her abusive uncle and bullied in school. She’d gladly go back and change it all. When her uncle passes, Eva discovers he created a time machine. The problem with the once-hypothetical question becomes clear: changing the course of her past would mean giving up Casey McClellan, her best friend and the girl her heart has belonged to since she was twelve years old.
Will Eva choose to save her parents’ lives or take a chance on the love of a lifetime?

The Review

I want to preface this review by saying, I kind of liked this book, but the summary is extremely misleading. When I first started reading Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich I thought I was reading a completely different book and a mistake had been made in NetGalley’s system. No mistake made.  Time travel is not the focus of this book. It’s in there, briefly, but don’t expect it.

Now on to what I liked.

I loved Eva and Casey’s relationship. We got to see it in the early stages during high school and how electric that attraction continued to be once they became adults. I’ve always wanted to read a book that showed that kind of evolution in a relationship. The intensity they fell into such an intimate relationship bothered me. How can Casey, who was so heart broken, forgiven Eva that easily? There was so much time spent in their teenage years, I feel as though their adult relationship deserved that attention as well.

While it was difficult to justify how ‘in love’ the two were to jump into sex, the scenes were written very well. I’ll give M. Ullrich points for that. A lot of previous F/F pieces I’ve read used really disgusting terminology when it wasn’t needed. Ullrich wrote hot scenes without the use of swearing or raunchy descriptions. So A+ there.

There were jumps in time, moments where I felt like there could have been more information so the storyline didn’t give you whiplash. The ending was a bit rushed. There was no explanation of how Eva came to her decision to time jump. If there were maybe forty more pages of story, it would have been perfect.

As is, it’s not my favorite. I’m not jumping to go read more of Ullrich’s work.

Estimated on sale date:  December 1, 2017 – no purchase links as of 11/21/2017


Falling Into Her by Erin Zak


Five out of Five stars

Summary: If you had the chance to grab on to happiness and not let go, would you?

Kathryn Hawthorne, local Chicago celebrity, thinks everything in her life is just fine. She has friends, money, a job—everything she needs to survive. Except, of course, love, which, after getting her heart broken, she avoids like the plague. Pam Phillips, on the other hand, just buried the love of her life—her husband of twenty-one years. The last thing she wants is a new friend, let alone a new love interest. When the two women meet and swap witty banter, things start to change. Kathryn can feel that familiar tug of desire in her chest as she suggests—in a smooth as silk way—that they meet up again someday. In a moment of pure insanity—or desperation—Pam decides to take a chance. What happens next changes Pam’s life forever.


The Review

Falling into Her by Erin Zak is a story about two women who fight their attraction for one another and eventually fall for each other. Kathryn Hawthorne is 32 years old and has given up on love after having her heart broken too many times. Pam Philips is 40 years old, and has buried her husband recently when she meets Kathryn in the local boutique she works at. The attraction is immediate for Kathryn and is a slow, curious burn for Pam. On a whim Kathryn leaves her phone number for Pam and to her surprise, Pam texts.

They go through a series of coffee dates, and the entire time Kathryn is focused on just remaining friends despite her growing attraction and the cues Pam is giving that she is interested as well. Throughout their time as friends, they have a lot of personal, confessional type conversations. Which I liked. You could see how much their relationship was steadily growing.

Once their romance blossomed into something more, there were moments I had to stop and take a breath. These love scenes aren’t the overly done, raunchy scenes you see in a lot of books. It felt real. Pam’s anticipation, anxiety about being with a woman, her pleasure, you could feel it all.

I read this book in one sitting, that’s how much I liked it. It’s rare for me to find a book that I will stay up way past my bedtime to keep reading. I usually find a chapter break and quite. Falling Into her made that impossible.  I liked the way the text messages appeared. The conflict of meeting each other’s parents and how important that was to the both of them.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yes. I want to read more by Erin Zak ASAP.

Release Date: December 12, 2017

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