Hot Potato by Allison Temple

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Three out of Five Stars

The Summary: As Seacroft’s resident weirdo, Avery proudly flies a lot of freak flags. It’s a constant battle to be taken seriously when everything, from his red hair to his sexuality, makes him stand out in this small town.

Small towns are also a terrible place to keep secrets, and Lincoln has a bunch of them. But his demons aren’t going to hold him back from his dream job at the Seacroft Fire Department. His life is finally coming together, until the red-haired twink with the big smile and fast mouth calls in an emergency.

Pining or the hot firefighter is Avery’s newest flag, even if he agrees to be “just friends.” For Linc, every minute with Avery is a temptation. He needs to let go of his fear and admit the truth. Linc doesn’t want to be Avery’s friend; he wants to be his everything. But just as Linc is ready to risk it all, Avery gets an unexpected offer to spread his colorful wings and fly away.

The Review

Avery is an odd duck in the small town of Seacroft. He doesn’t hide who he is, what he’s passionate about or his sexuality, but he’s still shy and a bit awkward. Lincoln, a firefighter, lives a life full of secrets. A sweet potato dinner gone wrong brings Avery and Lincoln together. They can’t seem to stay away from each other, and attraction develops between them.

Avery was my absolute favorite. He’s a genuine ginger. Red hair, pale skin, freckles and to top it all off he is a bit clumsy. He’s a sweetheart and at time I just wanted to wrap him up in a huge hug to make everything better. Lincoln wants to take care of Avery, he wants to take care of his family.

The chemistry between Avery and Lincoln is obvious from their first meeting. It was fun seeing them connect despite the very obvious differences between them. Avery was out, Lincoln was not. I think seeing one of Lincoln’s co-workers be out, that it made things easier for Lincoln to come out.

There were bumps along the way in their relationship. Moments Avery doubted Lincoln’s sincerity, and Lincoln being scared. But they found a way through these moments.

This was a fun read and it makes me want to go read the other books (Yes, I read this series completely out of order!)

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