Ghost of Himself by Pandora Pine


Three out of Five Stars

The Summary: When a reclusive psychic shows up looking for Jude Byrne in his adopted hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, the private investigator’s walls go up instantly. Psychic or not, this mysterious man knows secrets about Jude’s past that are better left buried in the New Mexico desert. Stranger still is the personality change that comes over the flirty P.I. after he meets the newcomer.

Psychic Copeland Forbes is a man on the edge. The once popular and well-respected medium has lived in seclusion since an attack by a former student has shaken his confidence in his abilities. Sickened by an ailment no doctor can diagnose, he travels from his home in Louisiana to seek out the one man he believes he can help him, if the rumors are true.

Faced with an enemy possessing powers greater than either man has ever faced alone, will Jude and Copeland decide to work together to defeat this dark magick? Or will both men continue on as they are now, ghosts of themselves?

The Review

Copeland Forbes has been secluded himself since he had been attacked by a former lover/student in his magick shop. He’s been facing psychic attacks and can’t cope any longer. He ends up in Salem Massachusetts looking for Jude Bryne because he’s the one man that can apparently help him.

As we learn more about Jude and his Healer abilities, the answers Copeland is searching for slowly unfurls just as the chemistry between the two men does as well. What I liked about this book was seeing the ensemble of the Cold Case Psychic Cast. It was fun seeing them as the not so main characters (honestly they were though). Of course, Bertha was a star.

So very unpopular opinion, I had problems with this book, and it KILLS me to admit it. I loved Pine’s Cold Case Psychic series (what I’ve read of it so far). That being said, you should know something about me. I am a Louisiana native and live twenty minutes from New Orleans. There is the problem right there. I’m a native reading a novel written by someone who is very much northern. There’s no one way say, “crawdad” unless we’re making fun of someone. We don’t all speak French or have a Cajun accent. Typically you find that four hours west, in Lafayette. We have flat accents. You’ll find more Spanish speaking folks in the French Quarter than French. I know, sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth. We do not run around saying, “NOLA”. It irked my nerves. What you see on NCIS New Orleans is not what you actually get in New Orleans.

So besides all of that – which most people won’t even bat an eye at – this was extremely repetitive. Especially concerning Jude’s inner thoughts and going over the same situations with different characters at different times. We know the characters need to know, but you can tell us in a different way that these characters were informed. I feel like that was used as filler and to get the page count up. The resolution seemed like an after thought because there was so much build up and then bleh. Not that exciting.

This was honestly a miss for me. But it might not be for you. Check it out.

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