An Alabama Christmas by Karma Kingsley


Four out of Five Stars

The Summary: Alex Greene has nowhere to go for Christmas. When he enrolls in the military’s Home for the Holidays program, he gets accepted into a family he never bargained for.

Trey Briggs is a gangly gamer that’s been in the closet since puberty. But when his family takes in a handsome marine, it becomes almost impossible for him not to expose himself.

The Review

Alabama Christmas is a quick, sweet holiday read. It takes place over the span of American Thanksgiving and Christmas. Alex is a soldier who has a little bit of leave time to use. His best friend, Jay, signs them both up for a program, Marine Home for the Holidays. Basically a family hosts them for a bit of time to give them a sense of home while they are in the service.

This is a fun, easy read. There’s not too much drama, it definitely speaks true about the south (I’m in Louisiana) and the chemistry between Alex and Trey is hot. I liked that Trey was a bit geeky and unsure of himself. He was a believable character. He doubted that Alex could find him attractive. I mean, Alex is a marine who puts a lot of work into his body in order to stay in shape for his work. Why would he be interested in a small town guy like Trey?

Turns out, both Alex and Trey have been keeping secrets from each other and Trey’s family. Alex actually came from a small town like the one Trey lives in, he isn’t straight like he’s been saying, and he can’t stop thinking about Trey. Trey hasn’t come out to his family, isn’t made to stay in the south and thinks he isn’t good enough for Alex.

Oh and those kisses *fans self* those kisses were something else. I’m a big fan of an excellent kiss scene, and Kingsley definitely knocked it out of the park. There was build up, delicious tension, and touches full of heat.

I really enjoyed reading this. Alex moved at Trey’s pace. He didn’t push Trey for more than he was ready for. They were tender, kind, and loving towards each other. It was exactly what I needed to feel better after a stressful day.

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