Vanilla Clouds by Roe Horvat


Four out of Five Stars

The Summary: Sex and chocolate are the two pleasures Michał enjoys most in life.

His sex life has been nonexistent for some time, though. After a particularly bad hookup, he keeps mostly to himself. That leaves chocolate. Luckily, he works surrounded by the most delicious, extravagant produce in Gothenburg. Beside his job at the chocolaterie, his main source of excitement is his online friend, Magnus, whom he stubbornly refuses to meet in person.

A customer turns up at the chocolaterie one day—tall, shy, and charming. He could be just the right man. If Michał can step out of his overly safe shell, there might be not only chocolate, but sex, too. Maybe chocolate-flavored sex. And if he’s lucky, maybe even love.

The Review

The first thing that made me immediately want to read this was the fact that the main character who worked in a chocolaterie, but also the online friend. I live a lot of my life online and my inner-romantic has been dying to come across a story like this one.

Michal and Magnus have been talking to each other online for years. They were initially supposed to meet each other but a stomach bug foiled their chances of meeting face to face. Magnus ended up in Germany for work and Michal stayed in Gothenburg. Over the years their friendship grew, flirting occurred and joking mentions of meeting each other happened. When Magnus reaches out with a serious inquiry about meeting again, Michal get scared. Which for any of us with social anxiety, that is scary. You have the perfect friend and what if meeting in person ruins everything? I couldn’t imagine losing someone that special and important to me. So why chance it?

[I was terrified that would have happened to my best friend and I when I drove fourteen hours to finally meet face to face. Side note, we’re still besties. I’ve been to hers another time, we’ve gone to Pittsburgh for hockey and a book signing and she’s going to come down to see me soon.]

Then someone shows up at the chocolaterie that rocks Michal’s world. He’s everything that Michal wants. He’s tall, broad, strong and adorably charming. Michal gives him a chance and their chemistry is intense and hard to resist. I definitely experienced some “You’ve Got Mail” vibes and I freaking loved it.

I feel like Michal’s reaction was honest and fitting. I’d sure be surprised and unsure of how to feel about the situation. I can also see from Magnus’s point of view also. If you love a person you may do anything to get to see them in their element.

I put my romance glasses on and loved every second of this. I was able to read it in one sitting and it left me feeling happier and lighter. I connected with both Michal and Magnus. I was rooting for their relationship to work out with every pages. The explicit scenes were well written. The pacing was good. And the fact that we got messages in message format between the two made me squee with delight. I love see texts and such included. It adds a bit of a personal touch. I just wish this was longer! There was so much more I could see hapenning.

Go buy this now!!

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