Blend by Georgia Beers


Five out of Five Stars

The Summary: When the widowed owner of the wine bar Vineyard decides she wants to take some time off and travel abroad, she leaves her business in the very capable hands of the two women she trusts most: her daughter Piper and Vineyard’s general manager, Lindsay.
For Lindsay Kent, Vineyard is her dream job. She’s thrilled when her boss leaves her in charge (well, half charge) and tells her to feel free to make changes. Lindsay has tons of ideas that she’s been dying to put into action, and this is her big chance to increase the success of the business and prove she’s more than ready to run things solo. But getting the boss’s daughter on board is harder than expected. The uptight and annoyingly attractive Piper is blocking her every move.

For Piper Bradshaw, Vineyard is not her job. She already has one. She’s VP at a large tech company, and she’s damn good at it. Who cares if people say she’s a workaholic and an icy bitch? She didn’t get to the top by being prone to whims and experiments. She’s not happy when her mother suddenly decides to gallivant all over the country and furious that the family business has been left in the hands of the happy-go-lucky, born-a-generation-too-late hippie who manages it. Good thing Lindsay can’t make any changes unless they both agree, because Piper doesn’t intend to.


The Review

Blend by Georgia Beers takes you right into Vineyard a wine bar that has been left in the capable hands of Lindsay Kent and the owner’s daughter, Piper Bradshaw. If you enjoy wine with your romance this is definitely a book you need to read. I’m not a wine person but with the way Beers writes, I could taste the different blends and traditional wines on the back of my tongue. I could even smell it as I was reading. It’s easy to say that once you start reading this, you’re going to be immersed into the world of Vineyard and surrounding land. I loved that it put me into the setting not only visually but all my senses were teased throughout.

Both Lindsay and Piper felt real. They had their own strengths and weaknesses but pushed each other to be their best. The chemistry between the two of them is explosive. At first it’s all dislike between the two. Lindsay is more of a free spirit and Piper is a shark in the business world. I loved how as Lindsay got to know Piper more, I started to enjoy her character more. I liked the journey the two women took, how it wasn’t all roses and sometimes a little forgiveness and understanding can go a long way.

The romance scenes between the two were honest and charged with emotion. There was enough detail to make your breath catch but not so much I skimmed over it. I felt like those scenes fit perfectly with the tone of the book. These scenes only added to Lindsay and Piper’s attraction to each other.

I would definitely recommend reading this book. I’ve already added Georgia Beers to my to-read list because of how much I enjoyed reading this book.


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Will release April 17, 2018

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