Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich


Three stars out of five stars

Summary: What would you do if you could go back in time and change your past?
For Eva Caldwell that question is a no-brainer. After her parents were murdered while she was away at summer camp, Eva was placed into the custody of her abusive uncle and bullied in school. She’d gladly go back and change it all. When her uncle passes, Eva discovers he created a time machine. The problem with the once-hypothetical question becomes clear: changing the course of her past would mean giving up Casey McClellan, her best friend and the girl her heart has belonged to since she was twelve years old.
Will Eva choose to save her parents’ lives or take a chance on the love of a lifetime?

The Review

I want to preface this review by saying, I kind of liked this book, but the summary is extremely misleading. When I first started reading Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich I thought I was reading a completely different book and a mistake had been made in NetGalley’s system. No mistake made.  Time travel is not the focus of this book. It’s in there, briefly, but don’t expect it.

Now on to what I liked.

I loved Eva and Casey’s relationship. We got to see it in the early stages during high school and how electric that attraction continued to be once they became adults. I’ve always wanted to read a book that showed that kind of evolution in a relationship. The intensity they fell into such an intimate relationship bothered me. How can Casey, who was so heart broken, forgiven Eva that easily? There was so much time spent in their teenage years, I feel as though their adult relationship deserved that attention as well.

While it was difficult to justify how ‘in love’ the two were to jump into sex, the scenes were written very well. I’ll give M. Ullrich points for that. A lot of previous F/F pieces I’ve read used really disgusting terminology when it wasn’t needed. Ullrich wrote hot scenes without the use of swearing or raunchy descriptions. So A+ there.

There were jumps in time, moments where I felt like there could have been more information so the storyline didn’t give you whiplash. The ending was a bit rushed. There was no explanation of how Eva came to her decision to time jump. If there were maybe forty more pages of story, it would have been perfect.

As is, it’s not my favorite. I’m not jumping to go read more of Ullrich’s work.

Estimated on sale date:  December 1, 2017 – no purchase links as of 11/21/2017


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