Walking Through the Shadows by Sheris Lewis Wohl


Summary: Molly Williams is a powerful hereditary witch who manages to keep her powers under control as she tries to be normal. Most of the time, it works.

An invitation from friends Winnie and Angus is just the diversion she needs right now, and she jumps at the offer to go backpacking along the Umatilla River in northeast Oregon. When a freak storm forces them to take shelter in a secluded, crumbling cabin, their trip takes an unexpected turn. The moment Molly touches a leather-bound book discovered in the floorboards, they’re transported back in time.

Only with the help of the mysterious and beautiful Native American woman Aquene do they stay one step ahead of a band of witch hunters. Will Molly find the right magic to get them home before the hunters find her? Or will she risk it all to stay at Aquene’s side?

The Review

Walking Through Shadows by Sheri Lewis Wohl is considered a time traveling romance. I really wanted to like this book, especially with the potential of Molly and Aquene’s relationship but this novel fell flat for me. I feel like Wohl put more and attention into Winnie and Angus’s relationship, and the witch hunter’s internal thoughts then what the summary lead me to believe Walking Through Shadows would be about. I expected it to be about Molly and Aquene, but it really wasn’t.

The pacing was slow. It didn’t get the feeling of the characters being in danger, the rush of adrenalin that was most likely intended. I was bored with it.
Each section with Aquene was repetitive and by the end I knew what she was going to be thinking about Molly. There was no build up to her and Molly ‘loving’ each other. It just happened and it didn’t make sense.

It was supposed to be their destiny to come together, to defeat ‘him’ and to fall in love but I found myself skimming their parts and more invested in Winnie and Angus. I was determined that Angus was going to turn out to be more but that didn’t get explored either.

It was disappointing and I thought it was going to be a really great read. The concept was awesome, time traveling, Native American guide, not something you see. I just wish there would have been something more than the repetitive, boring story-line.

Would I recommend this? No. Will I search out other books by Wohl? No.
I received an e-copy through NetGalley for an honest review.

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